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TonalintmCLAULTRA :

  • Improves fat burning and reduces the building of fat layers
  • Decreases the total quantity of fat cells
  • Shapes the body
  • Restores optimal balance between body fat and muscle mass

Losing your weight is not enough for achieving a proper shape of your body. For more important is to reach an optimal proportion between the body fat and the muscle mass. Dailiy intake of TonalintmCLAULTRA combined with regular physical activity will help you in achieving a well-formed figure of your body, lose as much as 20% of the fat layers, and keep the volume of your muscle mass. TonalintmCLAULTRA - conjugated linoleic acid - is produced by a patented, scientifically based procedure. The efficiency and safety of using TonalintmCLAULTRA have been confirmed by seven clinical tests.


How does CLA function?


There are two major places where CLA functions: adipocytes, or fat cells (where fats are stored), and the skeletal muscle cells (where fats turn into energy). The clinical research has shown that CLA reduces the storing of triglycerides and stimulates their decomposition in fat cells. It also decreases the number of the existing fat cells stimulating their disintegration.

Other clinical research has shown that CLA increases the production of energy from fats.

Considering the mentioned places of the primary activity of CLA, four mechanisms were suggested for affecting the reduction of the body fat proportion:

  • Reduction of the fat quantity stored after meals;
  • Improvement of fat burning in fat cells;
  • Improvement of fat metabolism;
  • Decrease of the total number of fat cells.  

Why is TONALINtmCLAULTRA  different than other weight-losing products? 

Most of the clinical research was focused on the protected substance of TONALINtmCLAULTRA . The clinical and lab tests show that TONALINtmCLAULTRA  help in decreasing the proportion of the body fat, simultaneously increasing the fatless muscle mass which makes the body look slimmer. It actually becomes slimmer, because one gram of fat takes up more space than one gram of muscles. Accordingly, the changed proportions of fat and muscle tissues results in the loss of fat layers and superficial kilograms, allowing the body to achieve a balanced shape.


Active ingredients

In 1 capsules




Safflower Oil from Carthamus tinctoris with minimum 80% of conjugated linoleic acid


1000 mg




0.25 g


1 g


0.13 g

Energy value

10 kcal /43 kJ


Other ingredients: gelatine, glycerol, and antioxidant – mixed tocopherols

Dosage information:

Bottles of 50 capsuls.

Use and storage:

Take 2x1 or 3x1 capsules a day with meals.

Do not exceed the prescribed daily dose.


Keep in dark and dry place at 25ºC out of the reach of children.

Pregnant and lactating women must not take TonalintmCLAULTRA .

TonalintmCLAULTRA  is a dietary supplement, and cannot substitute a balanced diet.



FIDIFARM d.o.o. Zagreb, Obrtnička 37, Rakitje, Croatia in collaboration with Cognis GmbH, Germany.


TonalintmCLAULTRA  is a product with the exclusive licence of Cognis Group. 


Dietpharm recommends:

For best results, follow the advice on healthy diets and regular physical exercise.

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